How To Easily Segment Your List With ConvertPlug Forms

How To Easily Segment Your List With ConvertPlug Forms

Recently I opened my AWeber account, looked at my ever growing list of ‘lists’ and thought okay, it’s time to do something about this.  I knew I had overlap, with buyers of one product being on another list for another product and maybe even being on a list for free downloads too.  You get the idea.  I wasn’t segmenting and as a result my account was a mess. I needed to take more control of it.

This meant some serious list hygiene followed up with a list segmentation strategy, especially as I was planning to implement Bryan Harris’ content upgrades technique which involves giving additional post specific content away free in exchange for an email.  If I didn’t do this, I could easily end up with hundreds of small lists in my account and tonnes of duplicate subscribers rather than one nicely segmented list.

Why Segment Your List?

While my motive for segmenting is to keep a record of who downloads which bonuses from my blog, there could be many reasons why you might need to segment your list.

Maybe you’re running multiple lead generation campaigns around a single promotion or product launch and need to target subscribers who downloaded lead magnet A.

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