You’ve No Excuse Not To Learn Something New Today

You’ve No Excuse Not To Learn Something New Today

It’s important that every day you wake up and learn something new.

I’ve always been excited by the idea of expanding my knowledge and skills through self-directed learning. I remember when I was 14, I left my house one Saturday morning and walked into Dublin city centre to the largest bookstore there at the time and bought myself a huge door step of a book simply called ‘Psychology’.  I needed a shopping cart to push this thing home. It was a tome.

Maybe I was considering it as a career choice at the time. I don’t know but I do remember feeling so proud to be the owner of this book and excited by it . I knew the stuff was way over my head but everyday I opened it determined to read a little.  Maybe I only learned from it that Psychology is a tough subject and not just about seeing old witches and pretty ladies on ink blots.

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