Moving To Our 1.238 billion ft² Office – A Week Working In The Cafes of Dublin

Moving To Our 1.238 billion ft² Office – A Week Working In The Cafes of Dublin

When Working From Home Is So Great, Why Leave?

I live in a 7 bedroom house but I don’t have an office any more.  My office is now the bedroom of my eldest daughter who moved back home after 6 years. Sharing a house with 8 adults spanning 3 generations is crazy enough.  Throw 6 dogs into the mix, lunchtime gossip sessions, cars coming and going, doggie cuddles and all the other stuff that makes ‘family’ and you’ve got a less than ideal home working environment.

Still I love it and somehow it has worked for me, even now without an ‘offically mine’ office space.

The problem is, living in the sticks causes some problems for two city loving people.  We can’t easily experience Dublin’s blossoming food and cafe culture. This is one of the things we love most about travelling, so many food places on our doorstep.  Here in Westmeath, if we want to take in a show, we need to drive over an hour to get to the theatre and another hour to get back home.  Forget about having a glass of wine with dinner.

We also find it difficult to motivate ourselves to walk and exercise on the country roads.  (Didn’t we pass that bush 20 million times before?)  Some people love country walks. Not us. We much prefer exercising while taking in everything the bustling city streets have to offer.

Until we can afford to buy a house in Dublin (2090 is looking good!), we’ve compromised by taking working holidays to places that offer us everything we miss as city lovers living the country life.

Great Things May Come Out of Compromises

So while recently considering a good time to take off for Italy, we stopped and asked ourselves a question.  While we’re taking off to work and play in foreign cities, what are we missing about our nearest city and hometown, Dublin?

Isn’t there a way for us to experience what Dublin can offer us as a couple who need only a computer and internet connection to get our work done?

When I moved to the country and I found myself caught up in raising our young family while we also tried to making a living online, I stopped experiencing what Dublin had to offer. I never lost touch (we had many fun Saturdays in Dublin with the kids arguing shopping for clothes or gifts) but I stopped seeing the city as my place, despite it being my home town.

Now that I’m reconnecting with the city, I can see that the energy and vibe in Dublin is changing.  Younger people are fuelling the rise in innovative food venues with great menus, startups are emerging from many of the co-working spaces that have established themselves in the capital and there is a buzz about the city that says Dublin is finally catching up and getting cool, not NYC cool but it’s own kind of Irish cool!

So instead of taking off to Italy to work this week, we’re taking off to Dublin.

This wouldn’t have been possible a few years back.  The crappy broadband infrastructure wouldn’t have allowed it. Now, Dublin is all caught up, we’ve got options.

The Challenges of Leaving The Familiar

Our plan is to pop our notebooks into our bags tomorrow morning, leave our house at 6.30 am, drive to the city and be munching on breakfast in Dublin by 8.30.  We’ll work in coffee shops and at hotdesks.  We’ll break for lunch in one of Dublin’s trendy cafes.  We’ll take a walk along the Royal Canal or fit in lunchtime concert in the National Concert Hall.

If not, tomorrow then maybe on one of the 3 days we plan to spend this week in our new 1.238 billion ft² office, Dublin city.

It will be fun to blog about our experience.  We’re a pretty introverted couple so taking this giant step will be a refreshing change of environment, a chance to connect with new people (working on the interwebs can be isolating!), and most of all, our opportunity to experience the things we enjoy; food, culture and people, without having to jump on a plane.

I’m open to the fact that I may love it or hate it.

I’m concerned too about how my productivity will be affected (not to mention leaving our house at 6.30am) so I’ve planned tasks that are not too intense; reviewing applications by coders for our new WordPress plugin, setting up delivery for a new product and reviewing applications for a content writer.

Above I’m excited to mix things up a little.

After all, this is the city I grew up in, the city where Anthony and I met, where we had our first dates and our first jobs, the city we loved once upon a time.

Let’s see how it goes.