Free ‘About Me’ PSD Template

Free ‘About Me’ PSD Template

Don’t you find the worst case ever of writer’s block comes over you when you open that ‘About Me’ page?

There’s something beyond mentally crippling about trying to sum yourself up in a few words, while also making yourself sound … well interesting!

So how about this for an idea?

Instead of trying to crunch out a few hundred words about your very interesting self, why not crunch out a few numbers, facts and figures and mix them all up in nice infographic style ‘about me’ page!

But where would I get such an infographic Tracey?

I’m hearing ya!

And the answer is right here at the link below!  Enjoy!

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Back To Basics. The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Forgets About Writing An Ad

Back To Basics. The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Forgets About Writing An Ad

Most of us are not copywriters, nor do we have the time to master that skill.

But we do, as online marketers need ads!

So how can talentless wannabe copywriters like ourselves write effective ad copy that will actually work?

Fret not! There are some simple rules that believe it or not makes the whole process actually kinda easy!

All Ads Are Not Created Equal

First, best to know that ads have two different purposes.

1. Awareness or brand advertising. This is usually performed by advertising agencies for larger businesses.

The purpose of this type of advertising is to keep a brand in people’s minds so that when it comes time to make a purchase your brand is the first one they will think of. Through constant reminder and familiarity, your customer will come to prefer your brand over others. So, the intent is not to encourage a prospect to make a purchase, or perform an action, immediately. For this we use direct response advertising.

2. Direct-response advertising aims to encourage a prospect to perform an action of some kind; phone us, fill out a contact form, sign up to your newsletter, visit our website, buy a product.

The Internet is a perfect platform for direct-response advertising, as we can track an ad campaigns success by monitoring prospect actions after they have seen an ad. For example, do they click it?

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Convert An SWF File To An Animated GIF and MOV file Using Photohsop

Explaindio and Video Maker FX users have access to dozens (hundreds for those who get monthly slide packs) of .swf animated images.  They’re accessible to everybody right inside the applications content folder.

How useful would it be to be able to convert those animations to file formats that can be used in other software?

You all know I’m a huge fan of using animated gifs in PowerPoint and .mov files are great for screencast software like Camtasia or Screenflow.

So let’s take a look at how to work some magic on those .swf and open up a world of other possibilities!

For this tutorial, you’ll need to download a free piece of software called SWFRenderer .  Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page for the unsupported (and free!) older version.

Once you’ve got that installed, Photoshop will do the rest!

Is The Gmail Promotions Tab Killing Internet Marketing?


So what do you think about Gmail’s inbox tabs? Scary stuff for marketers, right?

It’s difficult enough to get emails opened when they are in full view, but now there’s an additional hurdle; hoping your customer will bother to look inside the Promotions tabs. I mean, seriously, who willingly goes looking for spam?

So with such dramatic changes to how your emails are being received, you’re probably imagining doomsday stats of 0.1% open rates right now.

(If that’s your current open rate … … awkward silence!).

But just how freaked out should you be?

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Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 6

Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 6

Day 5 and 6 have been about working out a couple of problems with the plugin and also working on styling issues that will determine how the plugin will look on the front end of blogs.

The deadline has just passed and the plugin while almost there, is not yet complete.  In fairness to the my coder,  I wasn’t around as much over the last couple of days to answer his questions.  He had some slight delays on his end too but nothing significant.   I also had to give some thought to one particular part of the plugin, that wasn’t working as I would have liked.  This related to limitations with the sharing options for the plugin.  I had to compromise on this.  I haven’t had one plugin developed where I didn’t have to compromise somewhere.

I can’t stress how important it is for your coder to be accessible to you and open to understanding your vision for your plugin.  To do this, they will need to be competent and enjoy their work.  I’ve worked with many coders.  I’ve had bad communicators, excuse makers, money hunters and lots of unethical types.

When you find a good coder, you’ll know it. It may take many months.  I’ve been hiring coders for 6 months now, having hired posssibly more than 30 coders for various projects (up to as many as 6 to finish one project, becasue I got unlucky and got 5 bad coders in a row  … bad karma!).

Right now, I have three coders whom I trust completely.  They are professional and experienced.  They may not be the cheapest but I would rather pay more for a project to turnaround on time and on budget than try to find cheaper coders and wind up having to hire six and still pay more in the end!

That said, I will always have a budget in mind for a project and I’m not afraid to go hunting for some more great coders. They are out there. Don’t be afraid to keep looking until you find one.  I’ve heard people say they won’t look for freelancer coders because they’ve been ripped off too many times.  As a result they don’t tend to get products developed.

It happens, I’ve been ripped off many times but the risk can be minimized and it’s part of the process to finding somebody great!

So after day 6, my plugin is begining to look as I had imagined it.  No regrets either for pre-paying my coder the full fee in advance either!

Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 4

Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 4

Four days into development and the plugin is beginning to take shape.  The past two days have been quiet.  I’ve had some short skype conversations to clarify how certain parts of the plugin will work.

I’ve also been able to start to play around with the plugin on the development site.  This has been very important as it’s only when you start to use a tool that you’re developing, that you begin to see where its strenghts and weaknesses are.

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Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 2

Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 2

Though I’ve never done it before, yesterday I sent a $450 advance payment to a coder I’ve worked with only once before. Yikes! When I first hired him on he had no feedback or ratings but the plugin I needed was a small project and so I figured if he turned out to be not so great, I wouldn’t loose too much.

Also, I prefer to hire Eastern European coders and he fit that profile being from a South Eastern European country, so that also influenced my decision to give him a shot. Because he was new to the site I was able to negotiate a good price. It turns out I got lucky. He was a great communicator, a competent coder and very pleasant to deal with so despite some niggling little hesistations that were whispering things like “remember milestones” in my ear, I took the risk yesterday and paid full fee in advance.

I don’t recommend you do this at all .. ever!

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Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 1

Outsourcing A WordPress Plugin Case Study Day 1

WordPress plugins are hard work.  Hard to get developed, hard to maintain and hard to support.  So why develop a plugin instead of a neat little ebook or report that requires little or no updates or support?

It’s simple really. Plugins sell well.

They tap into the enormous WordPress userbase and can make you some pretty decent moolah!

The first plugin I developed grossed over $60K back in January 2012.  That kind of revenue came from a huge marketing drive with a couple of big players in the online marketing industry supporting me but I’ve since developed many plugins with no significant marketing effort given to them that have grossed in the low five figures.

My experience developing plugins so far has been a bumpy road.  The idea for WP Audio Images came to me by chance and I had the plugin written within 48 hours of first thinking it up.  It seemed like a dream product.

Until …

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You’ve No Excuse Not To Learn Something New Today

You’ve No Excuse Not To Learn Something New Today

It’s important that every day you wake up and learn something new.

I’ve always been excited by the idea of expanding my knowledge and skills through self-directed learning. I remember when I was 14, I left my house one Saturday morning and walked into Dublin city centre to the largest bookstore there at the time and bought myself a huge door step of a book simply called ‘Psychology’.  I needed a shopping cart to push this thing home. It was a tome.

Maybe I was considering it as a career choice at the time. I don’t know but I do remember feeling so proud to be the owner of this book and excited by it . I knew the stuff was way over my head but everyday I opened it determined to read a little.  Maybe I only learned from it that Psychology is a tough subject and not just about seeing old witches and pretty ladies on ink blots.

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